Bettie Page in hospital

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Steve Brewster, Scoutmaster of the Bettie Scouts of America got a call from the hospital at 10:26am cst, 12/26/07. Bettie Page has taken a turn for the worse.

She has fallen weaker and having trouble breathing and they believe she has pneumonia. She is 84.

Offer a prayer, if you are so-inlcined, or at least think some warm thoughts...
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  • Bettie Scouts of America] BETTIE UPDATE]

    -------- Original Message --------

    Dear Scouts, Your prayers are working. I just got a call from the hospital 3:58pm cst 12/27/07. Bettie does indeed have pneumonia but her condition is stabilized. Her care giver said this is very good news! They are giving her oxygen and treating her with antibiotics and even though she also has a kidney infection he is optimistic on her recovery. I'll let you know as I hear more. Whatever you're doing , keep it up! And Thanks to so very many of you for your calls and emails.
    Bettie forever...
    Scoutmaster Steve
  • has anyone heard anything else on Ms. Page?
    • I don't have a time stamp for this, but I received this update through the AdultRopeARt mailing list about four hours ago:

      Bettie Page Update From Steve Brewster at Bettie Scouts of America
      Dear Scouts,
      I just got the word from my contact person. Bettie is out of the
      hospital and they have taken her to a nursing home but not because she
      is much improved. I will give you the exact quote I got from him, "I
      can't believe how bad she is. She can't even speak. She can only
      acknowledge my presence by moving a finger." He went on to say that
      pneumonia can linger in the elderly for many months so there was no
      reason to keep her in the hospital. This was not the call I wanted to
      receive. He promised to keep me informed and he even wants me to keep
      Jack updated as best as I can since Jack too is in pretty bad shape.
      Scouts I thank you all for your prayers and candles and cards. I'm
      going to spend the rest of the evening at home in silence.
      Bettie forever...
      Scoutmaster Steve
  • I heard from Coffin Case and Elvira that
    Maila Nurmi aka Vampira aka the original horror hostess passed away on January 10th...


    Out of true love and respect, I hope and pray for Ms. Page I hope she is doing better!
  • [Bettie Scouts of America] BETTIE UPDATE

    Dear Scouts, I got an update on Bettie yesterday 1/17/08. Bettie has improved slightly but is still unable to speak. She is more alert and her social worker told me he read some of our cards to her and she appreciated them. It looks like this will be a slow recovery but thankfully she is getting better. Thank you for your cards, candles & prayers.

    Bettie forever...
    Scoutmaster Steve

      We got a call today 1/29/08 1:02 pm cst from Bettie's social worker. They have her back on oxygen and she is able to faintly speak. She
      doesn't say much but she is enjoying the cards she is getting. Thank you all for sending them. Please continue to remember Bettie in your

      Bettie forever...
      Scoutmaster Steve
      • Dear Scouts,

        I just got a call at 5:32 pm CST from Bettie's social
        worker. Bettie no longer has pneumonia!!! !!! She is still bed ridden
        and quite weak but she is able to talk is short phrases. He said she is
        looking better and he is hopeful she may be getting strong enough to
        get out of bed in the near future. He has been reading her the cards
        you have been sending so keep it up!!!! Tommy, I received your
        Valentine for her and I'll send it along in a few days (thanks for the
        cool comic book stamps!) so come on everybody, who would you rather
        have for a Valentine than Bettie Page?

        Thank you all for your cards and prayers. It is working!!! God has to
        have a hand in this. Also thanks to the whole bunch of you for your
        patience in getting these updates. I am just as anxious as you.

        Bettie forever...
        Scoutmaster Steve

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